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Our price match guarantee ensures that you get the best price for any genuine like-for-like product. Tell us where you found the same quality item for cheaper, and we’ll match it! It must be be 100% identical to qualify.

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We offer a standard 1/2 working days delivery service to any UK mainland address on all supply only orders, however, over 98% of deliveries are made by the next working day.

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Artificial Grass Maintenance Power Brush Co. are one the of UK’s leading artificial grass power machine companies. We offer an unrivalled service and the highest quality artificial turf cleaning and maintenance products.

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We have built up an incredible reputation among our customers for our excellent customer service and quality products, which has earned us countless amazing reviews and testimonials.

Welcome to Artificial Grass Maintenance Power Brush Co.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Power Brush Co. is a Trading name of; Forever Green Lawns Ltd.

Artificial grass is not 100% maintenance free as a lot of people believe. Whilst as a good product that stays green all year round, with no need to water or mow like traditional lawns, there is still some upkeep required to ensure it keeps that perfect just laid look appearance and stays in a good condition. Please see our carefully selected product range below that can help you to achieve that perfect condition all year round.

Make it a long-term investment

Just like with any traditional home domestic carpet, or in this case artificial grass carpet, you will still need to care and clean your carpet on a regular basis, so that it lasts longer, looks good and proves to be a good long-term investment. Like in many cases a little effort on a regular basis can go along way in the longer term. So, by carrying out a small amount of light maintenance work just once or twice a month, or, on a more regular basis if required on a heavily used fake grass lawn, you can help prolong the longevity of your artificial grass product.

Brush up your artificial grass

When artificial grass or as it is more commonly referred to as “Astroturf” is rolled out and laid for the first time, it will generally have a flat and squashed appearance, this because after being manufactured it is cut to length and then rolled onto cardboard tubes. This process causes the pile to lay flat and have that crushed look.

There are several ways to brush up the pile of your artificial grass;


If your fake grass lawn is being installed by a professional landscaper or artificial grass company, they will generally use a petrol-powered brush to help lift the pile and sweep off and excess and loose fibres.


You can use the good old traditional way, by using a medium soft bristle broom or brush, although this has been the main method used to maintain artificial grass since its introduction in the 1960’s, this method can prove to be rather hard work, strenuous and time-consuming.

Here at Artificial Grass Maintenance we now have the ideal and perfect solution to help you achieve the perfect looking and well maintained Artificial Grass/Astroturf product, without all that hard work of using a broom.

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    With 100’s of machines in stock, we are very well placed to cater for any of our customers D.I.Y. requirements.

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    We offer our customers an excellent unrivalled service and the highest quality artificial turf maintenance tools, all at very competitive prices.

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    Order before 2.00 p.m. Monday – Friday, and we can dispatch same day for next working day delivery.

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    Our support lines are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am -5.00 pm. Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays –  You can contact us on 01622 230 371.

AGM Artificial Grass Electric Power Brush

What our customers say

Mr Jones

Had my grass down for over 2 years, bought the 141EUK, it did a fantastic job.

Mr JonesNorfolk
Mr Clarke

141EUK. Brilliant machines, easy to use, lifted the pile just great.

Mr ClarkeSwansea
Alan Rogers

Purchased the 502EUK with box to collect debris. Was not sure if I’d done the right thing at first, but WOW, what a fantastic job this machine does. So glad I made the decision to have one.

Alan RogersAberdeen
John Sheppard

I ordered my 141EUK March 2017, best thing I ever did, it’s easy to use and very versatile. I can get into all the little nook and crannies around my garden.

John SheppardOxfordshire

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