Artificial Grass Care And Maintenance AGM 302EUK

Product Description;

AGM 302EUK With Collection Box

R.R.P £399.99 Including VAT.

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Now’s the best time to purchase this fantastic and specially designed Artificial Grass Electric Power Brush with collection box. With Winter in full swing, those dead leaves and garden debris can be swept up and collected along with brushing up the pile of your artificial grass.

Not only does this machine make your life easier, it gives your lawn a greatly deserved deep clean and brush up at the same time.

Keep your Artificial Lawns looking as good and as new as the day it was laid. If you have any questions or queries you would like answered then please do not hesitate in contacting us either by phone or via e-mail.

This fantastic and specially designed revolutionary machine is leading the way in keeping your Artificial Grass looking as new and as good as the day it was laid. Not only has this machine been designed to freshen up the pile, it also assists in removing light moss, leaves, pine needle, algae, and any sundry debris that may have been deposited on to  your Lawn my good old mother nature into the collection box attached.

This easy to use tool should help to prolong the longevity and appearance of your Lawn if used on a regular basis.

Unlike most beliefs, Artificial Grass is not 100% maintenance free, yes, there is no need to mow or water, but that is as far as it goes to being maintenance free. You still have to keep it clear of debris and regularly brush up the pile to keep that pristine lawn appearance. Lets face it, if you have carpet in doors you wouldn’t leave it for weeks without using a vacuum cleaner to clean it, so it makes sense to have one of these power brushes.

To keep your Artificial Grass looking perky and well maintained a thorough grass cleaning should be performed on at least a monthly regular basis, this will help keep your lawn clean and inviting


  • R.R.P.£399.99 
  • Engine Type; Single Phase Electric Motor.
  • Power; 1400 W/230/240 V.
  • Forward speeds; 1 single gear rotation.
  • Reverse speeds; None.
  • Hand held.
  • Working width; 32 cm.
  • Dry grass collection system, leaving debris deposited in to the rear collection box.
  • Weight 9 Kilos.
  • Single Drum with Heavy Duty Nylon Brushes.
  • Comes with 10 metre length working cable & UK plug.
  • Small amount of self assembly is required to fit handle and shaft together.
  • Not Suitable for Rain or snow.
  • 12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty. (Buyer to pay cost of return item)
  • Brand; AGM
  • Model; AGM 302 EUK